Product Range

All the necessary devices included in one suction system for a broad range of surgical and medical procedures.

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Quality & Certifications

Our quality policy reflects our commitment towards achieving and sustain quality in all our endeavours. This in turn reflects in our range of world-class suction units.

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Electric Cum Manual Operated Suction Unit
We are India's most reputed and largest manufacturer and exporter of high quality, premium suction units. Our suction units have become synonymous with high quality, robust performance & great value for money, the world over. One of the prime reasons for our success as a suction units manufacturer has been the low maintenance cost, over its entire life span.
Hi-Vac Suction Unit
  Main Applications
  ▪ Minor OT's
  ▪ Intensive Care Unit
  ▪ Emergency Department
  ▪ Wards

Technical Features

  MS Powder Coated, SS Top on two wheels
  Max. Vacuum / LPM
  Electric -600 mm Hg, 45 Ltrs / min
  / Pedal -600mm Hg, 200 ml / stroke
  Pump Type
  Electric - Diaphragm / Pedal - Piston
  2 x 2 Ltr. PC Jar
  Bacterial Filter Autoclavable / Reusable
  10 mm ID x 2 mtr. (PVC)
  Vacuum Gauge
  6.25 cm dia 0-760 mm Hg
  Power Supply
  220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 90 Watt
  Noise Level
  55 dB A ± 3
  42 x 39 x 64 cms
  Net Weight
  15.5 Kg
  Overflow Safety
  Dual Mechanical
  Accessories / Optional
  110 V on request
  CE, IEC 60601-1
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